Common Water Challanges

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Water touches every aspect of our lives and it is essential to our survival.

The water we utilize every day is constantly being recycled and likely contains a host of contaminants, both from nature and man-made sources. First, consider the water system in your own home. As the water enters your home it travels through your walls through a series of pipes and plumbing. These pipes lead to water using appliances, faucets and fixtures where the water is utilized or dispensed. All your plumbing, appliances, faucets and fixtures are affected to some degree by the quality of your water. Common contaminants like calcium, lime, magnesium and iron can and will prematurely plug up your plumbing, damage water using appliances, and stain and plug up fixtures. Deposits from these minerals will also interfere with the actions of household soaps combining to form soap curd which is then deposited on your dishes, your sinks, your showers, your tubs, your clothing and linens, your skin and your hair. This soap curd creates that “squeaky” feeling on your skin and hair after you bathe. These unsightly deposits cause lots of extra household cleaning, which in some cases require harsh toxic cleaning chemicals which are then introduced into the environment.

Beyond hardness minerals that negatively affect everyday household water use is the higher water quality demand of the water we consume. We drink it, cook with it, make coffee, juice, tea and ice cubes with it. This water should be of the highest water quality. Most homeowners today augment at least some of their consumption water with either bottled water or some sort of filtered water.

Whether it comes from the tap, the bottle or some type of filtering device, do you know much about the quality of these sources? Schedule a free, no obligation water analysis today to find out.